1. Sweat’n Like A Pig / Sing’n Like An Angel 06:40
2. Bargain Bin 03:52
3. P.F.C. 04:17
4. High Times, Low Lives 05:30

Title: High As Heaven, Drunk As Hell
Released: June 26, 2015
Genre: Post-hardcore
Length: 20:20
Label: Red-Eyed
Producer: Tim Gerak

Recorded April to November 2014 at Mammoth Cave Studios, Denver CO

All Music Written, Recorded and Produced By The UGLYS

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Tim Gerak at Mammoth Cave Studios

Additional Arrangement by Zach Kane

Album Art by Jared Kane

Concept and Design by The UGLYS

Special Thanks : Alison Cave, Jared Kane, Tim Gerak and his family, Kate Innes and Everyone at Rocketspace

Zach Kane
Victor Jadlow
Jared Kane (live)