Downtown I’ll be pouring the week away
Guzzle through your boredom everyone’s out of place
Hustle off potential splitting elbows spend to make
Work ain’t always legal, but the risk is fat and free to blaze
Stumble through the city pay to play deplete my funds
These strings have gotten rusted waiting for the next pickup
All my friends are junkies and I lead the whole charade
My hands are broke my fingers are stiff in the middle of the drunk parade

Red lights in the rear view “roll down the window please”
“How many ounces, are underneath our seats”?
“Gotta get your hands dirty, to make ends meet”
“Just a matter of time for a DUI, unless I leave”

I need to get out of hear, or its worms meat for me this place will break you down, and drown you out until you cant breath

The bank is dry bloodshot red eyes no checks in the mail
Sweating like a pig trying to stay out of jail
A choice was we made moved away wont settle for a slow decay
Open the eyes of the blind

Dilated pupils squinting through a swollen brow
Hit reset on my ambitions when my voice becomes to loud
Alcoholics through the ages generations trace the lines
Can’t complete a mission when demons keep you up all night
Fuck away your dignity one could never be enough
There’s no sense of decency when your to selfish absorbed to love
In your fathers shadow how the mighty have fallen
Bluffing with an empty and the bets are all in

Run the rat race break bones to squeeze in
Grinding our teeth and checking off lists
Another closed door another clenched fist
The wills of the frail are crooked and bent
Thrown off course with the slightest offense
On and on the cycle never ends

Setbacks wont be limiting we pass the weak and feral
I’m appalled by their ignorance at the bottom of the barrel
Blistered hands cracking feet this trek long forlorn
Crawling on forearms and knees toe the line of the world that i scorn

Waiting waiting at the precipice we stand
Witness witness the swarm overflow
Disgrace disdain their tastes so bland
Dismiss bullshit with standards so low


There’s imps and beasts in the apartment where you lay
It’s so easy when your parents always pay
Dime a dozen you cant escape
Desperate and dilapidated opened legged

There’s a snake in the garden nipping at my heels
A bad seed sown can grow for years
Into the wild tripping toward entropy
Nothing to learn from those that cant see

Deaths knocking on your door to drag you down below
Back stabbing blood sucking ignorant souls
Accept wrinkling writhing fate their desperate and their desolate shame
Contorted and corrupted state forsaken and forgotten name

Cheap deals hermetically sealed boxed up and plain
Fake class shrink wrapped say the same things
Expired time wasted live hormone injected
Processed beliefs saturated needs waiting on collections

Rotting flesh this burning stench you reap what you sow
The bargain bin of plastic skin is stretched to the bone

OH YEAH Withering away in the sunflower state
OH YEAH Dirty your design and de-stress your label
OH YEAH Blistering skin your existence offends
OH YEAH Dorothy overdosed on a dime oh heroin


Private first class Christie reporting for duty four generations deep into the army
I was supposed to go fishing but now my brothers missing
Waiting at the rally point drunk in the morning
See we’d be walking down for three nights straight
So we stumbled off for our first smoke in days
See you drink a bottle of whiskey down and bury the evidence in the ground
Sarge calls over says “Boys, I smell a smoker”

This mission ain’t over
I said boys we ain’t sober,
And I think were too clicks too far from where
We’re supposed to be SARGE

This doesn’t feel right, This doesn’t feel right
Miles off course behind enemy lines
It should have been me, I should have died
I’ll Carry that weight for the rest of my life

Into the ravine I swear something smells shitty
Is it the alcohol or do I hear gunshots ringing
Oh lord both the boys are dropping down to the ground
Looks too young to be bleeding out
For all the explosions the fire keeps glowing,
The smoke keeps choking, but my rifle still loaded
Burning my legs as my machine gun spits lead,
Bullets in my back woke up in hospital and thought I was dead

They say boy your a hero
You deserve a medal
The last one alive
Now let’s put on a good show

This doesn’t feel right , This doesn’t feel right
Hours on end in a bed sterilized’
It should have been me, I should have died
I’ll carry that weight for the rest of my life

My children they don’t recognize me
They don’t know the blood I’ve spilled for my country
But nobody wants to hire a vet with disability
Nobody wants me, Nobody wants me
My children they don’t recognize me
They don’t know the blood I’ve spilled for my country
From the halls of Washington to the dregs of society

Nobody wants me

Cause I’ve got scars from my fist to my face
my body smells of cigarettes and all I can taste
is the alcohol on my breath leave me forever wandering
lord knows I should’ve never left

Private first class Christie just one of many
See me again act like you don’t even know me


High times low lives sift through the haze
Instantly more interested with the roll of a page
A silhouette swirls in front of me Embers ignite as I breath in deep
Let it fill my lungs the taste beckons and tempts
Creeping down my spine from my feet to fingertips
On the billows of smoke shake off the tension I’m slipping away through the doors of perception
Climbing past the ash through the blaze lifted existence
I walk among these trees every strain heightens the senses
Brain elevated opened ears the aroma fills my nose
I’ve got glazed eyes an expanded mind and I’m reloading the bowl

Grass fire elevator up
Cloud grows thicker’
Flames erupt
Grass fire elevator up

Cure the sick ease the pain of the patients
This medicine lifts the weight off the weighted
Ignite through the night with inspiration never fading
Waste no time because our problems aren’t changing
If its a crime why does it help me sleep
Open the eyes of the blind make cynics believe
See hear listen and think differently
Create what want and say what you mean

I’m stoned finding meaning
Now I know Head filled up with smoke
Im stoned finding meaning
Now I know and the path is shown

I put my mistress in glass she also twists up so neat
A night with her all alone its nothing short of a dream
If she comes all in wax the clearest form potency
Just a grain I’ll save if you’ve never baked her kiss is all I need
No one else has held me so long I wont let her escape
Twist off lid holds all my love in every crystal leaf

In dark there’s light Burn to sunrise Break ties that bind
Colors never looked so bright roll torch with profound state of mind

The past is laid off you must invest in yourself
Agree that every waking moment inspires visions, be felt
Limitation decorated generations before
Allow no slumber for the slaves until the weekend beholds
Just unlock your head and give your credence in green
Don’t wait to be chained when prejudice dictates your need
Unshackled by the truth will you face your fears
Don’t shoot yourself take a look in the mirror
Because mountains mixed with with cancer sticks are drowning the flaws
Blurring lines of whats expected downplay die and payoff
Children binge on caffeine drinks dependent so young
Pity stacks of used prescriptions it’s never enough


Elliott, Elliott, Are they following you? Are they following you?
Or do you wanna die? Or do you wanna die?
Elliott, Elliott, Did they stab you? Did they kill you?
No hesitation wounds. No hesitation wounds.
Elliott, Elliott, Did you always know? Wrong name on a suicide note.
Did you always know? Did you always know?

Did you turn yourself into the corpse that they found?
Or did you want your body burned before the albums out?

They broke into your house for a contract wanted out
Kill yourself to be when your hands fall asleep
Could never take, Could levitate
The first step, the last breath
They broke into your house for a contract wanted out
Kill yourself to be when your hands fall asleep
Could never believe you’d lived the dream
You see it, but don’t mean it.
Do you mean it?



Sobriety a curse my life is beating on my head
Too long waiting for a reaction to the toxins I inhaled
Fill the fast food bag metallic can, Silver ring of death
While I enterprise to sexualize the contents of my stash

irritably complaining for a sweet tasty dose
curiosity pushed overboard fighting broke alone
being transient sounds fitting but I’m too scared to go
who will I fall back on if I can never get can never get

Suburban baby nothing ever when wrong
couldn’t keep your fingers out the ladies that your brothers got worked up
it’s a selfish thing to draw blood from your friends
but some hands they just take and they take till there’s nothing left

inscribed through the swelling of every missed punctured vein
Your girlfriend keeps on bruising you to keep you awake
Everyone is watching and some even taste
Misery needs a house guest come dine with me die with me

Grinding teeth, buried beneath, a mountain of filth
Smells like shit in hells kitchen when your cooking up your will
Red spoon heat track mark sleeves blood filling needle
Just cant quit begging for a fix with a will so feeble

Begging for redemption the black tar fiend
Swimming to the bottom of the china white sea
Rabid dog rabid dog foaming at the mouth
Dead man walking begging to be put down

Carpet cleaning Tying off ‘
Smashed two days after detox

On the road where your fates been sealed
It’s either piss soaked sheets or your falling asleep at the wheel
Hiding in the bathroom leaving your comrades out to dry
They’re held up at gunpoint and you slam the door from the other side

The needles don’t leave any room for shame for the shame oh the shame when the
church boy grew up and got himself in a bad way
despite all your shame inscribed through your veins will you choose?

Live. Live. Live. Awaken.
Awaken and choose.